Credit card consolidation – Recycling expensive plastic money.

Do you know the credit card debt figures in July 2005? 55.87billion. That is enormous. UK is standing witness to the growing incidence of multiple card holding. 6 out of 10 people have more than one credit card. According to APACS (Association of Payment Clearing Services) two third of adult population in UK is a credit card holder. Guess what, you are part of it. The average interest rate on credit card is 15.75%. No wonder you are in credit card debt. Credit card consolidation is an intelligent step towards finally getting that debt off you.

You probably started off with one or two credit cards and before you knew you were in several hundred of pounds of debt. Credit card consolidation can aid manage this out of control debt situation. Credit card consolidation is the best means of getting a low interest deal in place of high interest credit cards. Basically you are selling your credit cards debt for low interest consolidation loan.

How does credit card holder benefit form credit card consolidation? Let us take a hypothetical situation. Suppose your outstanding credit card debt is 10,000. And the APR or the annual percentage rate is 20% then you are paying 2000 as interest rate every year. By credit card consolidation you transfer all your debts into a single consolidated loan with lower interest rate. Suppose the interest rate is 10%. This way you are paying 1000 as interest rate for the same amount saving 1000 pounds. By researching you can get good rates for credit card consolidation.

The monthly payment with credit card consolidation is lower and of course manageable. Credit card consolidation tries to pay off your credit card debts. A credit card consolidation will pay off your debts in shorter time span and without causing any extra stress on your financial situation. This is fundamental with
Credit card consolidation

A wrong credit card consolidation can have disastrous consequences financially. Beware of predatory lending. It is oft quoted in credit card consolidation ads that your debt is reduced up to 50%. This is not possible. Lowering of monthly payment is of course possible but that should not be the only criteria for deciding on credit card consolidation. Lower monthly payment over a long period of time can extract more money in the form of interest rates. Concentrate on lower interest rate and not primarily on low monthly payments while credit card consolidation.

Credit card consolidation can be with or without collateral. A homeowner consolidation would enable you to get approved for higher amounts. Homeowner consolidation would work competently if you have credit card debts exceeding 5000. And you can even borrow up to 25,000. For lower loan amount unsecured credit card consolidation is ideal.
Discipline is fundamental with credit card consolidation. After credit card consolidation, the outstanding debts are paid. You dont owe as much money; the financial position is in control. So it is easy to make new financial commitments. And there you are again in debt. Well, what does it show? There was no use getting credit card consolidation. Credit card consolidation provides you with a new opening to start anew with money issues. Not finding new credit problems.

If you have more than one credit card and you have used one credit card to pay for another you might have realized that it cant be done without putting an added burden on your debt condition. It is time to rethink the credit card debt and prevent them from becoming an emotional liability. If your debt rather than you start to dominate your everyday expenses then you it is a warning sign. If your personal happiness becomes dependent of your credit card debts then consolidation is the miracle pill for you.

Loan borrowing is like once in a life time decision and much is at stake. It is indeed not a good thing that many people are misguided into taking loans that are not appropriate to their financial situation. This leads to many allied misgivings. As a financial consultant the only driving force of Ann Gibson is to provide proper knowledge. Because knowledge in respect to loan borrowing is power and exudes financial benefits. He works for UK debt consolidation site UK debt consolidations. To find a UK debt consolidation loan, debt management that best suits your need please visit

Credit Card Tips For Easy Credit Card Approval

Are you ready to get a credit card but are not sure where to start? Does the whole process seem to confuse you? Do you have less than perfect credit and wonder if you can even get a credit card? The first thing you need to know is that even though you have bad credit, you can get a credit card. There are specific cards out there that are specifically directed for those with bad credit.

Secondly some things that you need to know are the terms of a credit card. APR (annual percentage rate) is one of the main things you want to look at. This is the percentage rate at which you would be charge for your credit card. Another thing you want to look at is if there is an annual rate (this is basically a membership that is paid yearly). Transaction fees and other charges are charges that can be brought against you for withdraws, late fees and going over your limit. These are all things that you need to read carefully when selecting a credit card.

Here are just a few tips to think about when looking for your perfect credit card:

1. Know what you are looking for
2. To keep yourself out of debt-carry only the cards you know you will use.
3. Protect your cards. Never leave the lines blank and make sure you tear up all information pertaining to your card.
4. Keep all receipts just in case you need to make a dispute against the charges.

Overall, credit cards are not all that hard to get. Back in 2004 there were over 1.3 Billion credit cards in circulation in the United States. That is at an average of four credit cards per person. Even if you have bad credit, there are credit card companies that are willing to give you a chance. The credit card companies may give you a higher APR, but they also may go down if you keep up with all of your payments, none the less, you are getting a chance to redeem yourself.

Used automobile dealer Target used auto and arrange finance

Used automobile dealer Target used auto and arrange finance

Making a decision to buy a used auto is good as you can find automobile of your choice in your budget. Many automobile dealers provide you comprehensive directory of dealer and private seller listings makes it easy to find used cars for sale in your area.

You can visit your nearest auto research center to start your search, where you can find pricing, photos, specifications and reviews for thousands of used vehicles. Once you’ve determined which vehicle meets your needs and your budget, you can go for it.

Most of used automobile dealer update their used auto list everyday to make your search easier and for good customer service. Once you find the right used auto at the right price, than contact the seller yourself to work out the details of test driving and purchasing the vehicle.

Before buying a used auto its good to take an experts advice. If you would like to get more information then take an advice of vehicle experts from authorized dealer network. They will guide you with all the pricing and availability, financing and leasing, trade-ins, or anything else you may need. This service is available at no cost to you.

Online search is a best way to find out your requirement as online sites provides you with all the guidance before and after buying a used automobile where you can find automobile which will suits your budge as well as need. So your online buying experience will be a positive one.

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Home Equity Loan Refinancing

If you have lived in your home for more than two years, it has probably appreciated which means that you have built up equity. What is home equity? Home equity is the difference between the value of your home and the amount of all that you owe on your home. If your home has an appraised value of $200,000 and all of the outstanding liens against it total $150,000 then your home equity equals $50,000. Often times when a home has accumulated value, the homeowner decides to take some of that value out in cash. Sometimes the cash is used to pay off bills, for home improvements or for a childs education. One of the best ways to tap the money available from your property is to refinance it with a home equity loan.

When considering a home equity loan, there are several steps you should take to ensure you choose the refinancing package that is right for you.

The current market for home equity loan refinancing is crowded and very competitive. As a homeowner you probably receive solicitations for loans almost daily via the telephone or the mail or the Internet. Be wary of accepting any of these solicitations without thoroughly investigating them. The best course of action might be to initiate your own independent search for a financial institution or mortgage broker. Also be aware of the fact that a mortgage broker in any loan situation is not automatically working to get you the best deal. You are the person who should take responsibility for making sure that the final loan product is the one you need. The Better Business Bureau, the yellow pages, the Internet and references from friends are all good places to start your search for refinancing your loan.

You will need a certified appraisal for the actual loan. However, it is wise to have an idea of the value of your home before you begin the process of refinancing. There are many online services that will give you an estimate of your homes value. Many times home sales are listed in the newspaper. Watch these listings for homes in your neighborhood that are similar to yours in size and condition. Note their prices.

Know your credit score. By law you are allowed one free credit report a year. The credit reporting agencies that supply the report generally will also offer your FICO score for a small additional fee. There are other factors that influence your ability to obtain a home equity loan but your credit report and FICO score are good places to start.

Once you have identified several possible sources for refinancing your loan, have the lenders explain the different loan products they offer. Dont be afraid to ask specific questions and dont be hypnotized by a low interest rate. A low interest rate alone is not sufficient reason to accept a loan proposal. Ask about the term of the loan and the closing costs. Make sure the lender explains any terms you may not fully understand such as points.

Let the lenders know they are competing for your refinancing business. Sometimes a lender will sweeten your deal if there is the possibility the it might be lost otherwise.

Have all proposals submitted in writing. Take the time to compare them and always make sure you are comparing the same types of things. For instance, dont just look at the bottom line number on the closing costs see what each lender is including in the closing costs.

Be alert to potential scams. Dont be intimidated by your refinancing lender into signing anything that isnt absolutely true. Dont sign anything that has blanks or that you havent read.

Know your rights. There is generally a three day penalty free right to cancel when you refinance your loan. If something doesnt seem correct to you, dont shy from invoking that right.

Refinancing your loan in order to access your home equity can be a wise financial move. Your home, however, is probably the largest portion of your net worth so proceed with caution and knowledge.

Blue Cash From American Express – Your Payback Card!

The new card, BLUE CASH from American Express is a great rebate program, presenting you ample opportunities for earning cash back on purchases. The card is apt for you if you make huge expenditure every year on purchases. The yearly credit on your account appears to be a good reward if you do not need frequent discounts on flyer miles or for hotel stays.

Avail the rebate benefit offered as part of the BLUE CASH from American Express and its competitive APR will allow you to carry a balance without getting yourself in a debt-trap.

Benefits Of The American Express BLUE CASH Credit Card

The BLUE CASH from American Express offers you anything between 0.5% and 5% cash back on purchases. You can avail of this offer even at gas stations, drugstores and supermarkets. The card provides you 0% introductory Annual Percentage Rate or APR for 6 initial months, offering you the choice of making full or overtime payments. All the more, you can avail of these benefits without any annual fee.

The card also offers a low balance transfer rate and a fixed APR of 4.99% for the balance period. You can also make flexible overtime payment. The regular APR rate is 13.24%.

The BLUE CASH from American Express is renowned for its cash back on purchases. The lowest rebate allowed is 0.5% and the highest rebate allowed is 5%. General purchases makes you eligible for 0.5% rebate if you spend less than or equal to $6,500; as your expenses pass the $6500-mark, you get a discount of 1.5%. Everyday Purchases earn you 1% rebate up to the $6500-limit and 5% over $6500.

Like the other American Express cards, the BLUE CASH from American Express is a heavy-duty package offering extra benefits. The shoppers, making use of this card can and do enjoy extended warranties, purchase protection, return protection and fraud protection. If you are a frequent traveler, then you can avail of special travel offers, assured hotel reservations, a global assist hotline and an emergency card replacement service. There are also medical and legal referral services on the offer.

However, there are some regulations involved and thus you are allowed to use the cash-back money only after 14 months have elapsed following your opening of the card. The cash back rewards are a credit on your monthly statement, blessing you with savings, but do not expect the card to regularly put cash into your bank account. To avail the services of the BLUE CASH from American Express, you can apply online.

Cheap Travel Health Insurance

We are all fond of bargains, and paying less for a given product or service and travel health insurance is not an exception. But one thing never to forget is that cheap can often get more expensive and savings are not always reasonable especially when health and life are concerned.

So be careful when you select a cheap travel health insurance plan. If the plan does not cover what happens when you are traveling, then you might regret your stinginess. Youd better find other ways to cut costs than by reducing the number of risks covered.

One way to get travel health insurance cheaper is by purchasing a multi-trip travel health insurance plan. This is applicable in the cases when you travel frequently. Another alternative for frequent travelers is purchasing annual plans or choosing a new plan that has the option of renewing it at a discount.

Another way to save money is to buy travel health insurance for a particular country only. There are companies that offer such plans, though most of the offers on the market are for any country outside the US.

If you travel with your family, then a family plan is the best option in terms of money. The same applies to group plans, if you are traveling as part of a group.

A riskier alternative is to select a plan in which not all medical expenses are covered by the insurer but you are a co-payer. In general these plans are cheaper, but there is less security for you.

How much you will save from choosing a cheaper travel health insurance plan is up to you. There are many online insurers that provide a calculator to check which of their plans are applicable for you, but never forget that cheaper is not always better. It is a bargain only if you pay less money for the same risks!